A.C. Sanbonifacese Presents

President's greetings

President's greetings

We came to the XXVII edition of the international tournament "the city of San Bonifacio" Trofeo Safond- Martini" that has taken on a sufficient scale to be considered one of the most prestigious tournaments in the national and international levels in the Under 16 category.
The teams participating areonce more, absolute level of national and European and intercontinental there is the reconfirmation of the team, Real Madrid .The picture is completed of this 27th edition: Juventus, Inter Milan, AC Milan, Chievo Verona, Atalanta, Hellas Verona, Bassano, Vicenza, F.C.D. Altovicentino and our Pro San Bonifacio.

The A.C. Sambonifacese is proud to be remembered and respected for the organization of the tournament and the quality of young players expression of the most important European clubs and
national. But the "Ferroli" deserves consideration, especially, have always been not only a prestigious showcase example but for all the guys who see in football a sport that enhances teamwork and expressing values ​​such as solidarity, sacrifice, passion civil sports and achieving our ambitious goals in life.
A special thanks goes to the Safond-Martini with particular reference to Mr. Rino Dalle Rive, who, once again, have shared sensibility with the sporting event that can collect the stands thousands of people passionate about the beautiful game in the world.
Thanks to the City of San Bonifacio, hence the name of the tournament, for the ever demonstrated from the beginning of the event.

The last Thanksgiving, but not in order of importance the appeal to all those who, with great dedication and passion, give their time to the success of the tournament. To them goes the appreciation and gratitude for all that they do.
Goodbye to May 05, and then once again: Have fun!

President AC Sambonifacese

Maurizio Mazzon