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Presented the Verona Soccer Cup Tournament

Thursday April 20, 2017

Presented the Verona Soccer Cup Tournament
Verona Room Arazzi:
From the press office of the City of Verona:
This morning, in the Arazzi room, was presented the 28th International Verona Tournament Cup "Trofeo Berti", dedicated to the under 16 .
In addition to the sports director Alberto Bozza, the Provincial Adviser David Di Michele, the representative of Amia Edoardo Nestori, the owner of the Berti Farming Company - main sponsor - Filippo Berti, the organizer Ettore Paolini, the chairman of Montorio Calcio Lorenzo Peroni, referent of Sambonifacese Alberto Castagnaro, president of Grezzana Dino De Paoli, technical assistant of the Italian national team Paolo Vanoli, provincial president of the national football federation Barbara Zampini and coach and former player Romano Mattè.
"This is a historic tournament," said Bozza, "a beautiful page of football in Veronese that for years has represented the representatives of so many teams known throughout the world for our country. A thank you goes to all those who, after so many years, still work with commitment and professionalism to give birth to this important trophy. "
The tournament will take place from Friday, April 28th to Monday, May 1st, in 8 different campsites in the province of Verona and Vicenza. There are two teams that will compete in 8 teams: Real Madrid, Juventus, Hellas Verona, Bassano Virtus Girone, Group A, Arsenal, Flamengo, Atalanta, Chievo in Group B.
The final of the "Berti Trophy" will be held on Monday May 1st at 4 pm at the Berti di Caldiero Stadium, anticipated by the "Mariano Ferrarese" memorial, a traditional tournament for the starting lineup between Asd Calcio Caldiero Terme and Asd Montorio Calcio , Which came to the ninth edition.