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Tuesday May 2, 2017


 The Blancon 3-0 win against Atalanta defending the title of 2016

They "blancos" the 28th edition of the Verona Soccer Cup. They return to win in Italy, return to reconfirm themselves in the new formula wanted by Sambonifacese in collaboration with ASD Montorio Calcio with technical manager Ettore Paolini and organizer Roberto Zantedeschi of the 28th tournament International football team dedicated to the national students. Against the Atalanta of Marco Zanchi, the only one that has won consecutively two editions of the tournament, there was no story. To decide the match in the 3-0 final, the two networks of quarter-finisher Pablo Arribas and the striker Pablo. A game that after a first-time downhill for the Spanish (ahead 2-0 after 35 '), Atalanta had tried to re-open unsuccessfully with Boafo Daniel. The second net of the best Real Madrid player at the start of the game has definitely closed the game.

Real Madrid and Atalanta, the best of this 28th international football tournament dedicated to the national students class. The first edition of the new Verona Soccer Cup, Trofeo Berti, puts the most beautiful dress for the super finale of Caldiero. In the new stage in Verona, at the Berti family, in a tournament full of expectations and goals, there was a show for everyone: 45 networks in 15 games with Real Madrid and Atalanta (best attack, blancos, Against the best defense of atalantine). "We were pleased to have hosted this tournament, looking forward to welcoming a group of fantastic people that we hope will be able to reconfirm us next year," explains a radiant Filippo Berti at the end of the game. "We have put all our passion to carry along with all the other friendly societies an international tournament of the most beautiful in Italy."
THE PRIZES - Eight Municipalities represented in the tournament, as two provinces for this new formula of the Verona Soccer Cup. Four national countries represented in the tournament that saw Real Madrid triumph over Marco Zanchi Atalanta. A path without history for the two formations that after having passed the elimination round (Real Madrid defeating Hellas Verona and Juventus while Atalanta eliminating both Flamengo and Arsenal), have confirmed the predictions overcoming respectively Chievo Verona and Virtus Bassano in the semifinals. Many talents that have happened this year too. Talents with the dream of being able to debut as many successes in the first team.
These are the outcomes of the tournament:
Leader of the tournament: Juventus Elia Petrelli
Best Goalkeeper of the Tournament: Elia Caprile of Chievo Verona
Best Player of the Tournament, "Piera Novara" Award: Arsenal Xavier Amaechi
Fair Play Trophy AVIS: Flamengo